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Digital Marketing Tools in Health Communication

Digital platforms are the only way to reach large audiences while doing health communication… While creating your digital marketing plans, both the variety of digital marketing tools and techniques you will use and their correct use enable you to achieve very successful results. To be successful, you need to start by learning which digital marketing tools work for what. I would like to point out that, these tools do not just serve increasing sales purposes. These also contribute to branding. In this article, we will talk about the main digital marketing techniques what they do and how to use them.


Content Marketing

“Content is King!” This is the world-famous quote of Bill Gates that everyone knows (An essay, 96'). Content marketing stands out clearly among other marketing tools. You can introduce yourself, your clinic, and the work you do. But content marketing has some rules. First of all, the audience of each platform is different. For this reason, you should not forget that you need to produce content for each field separately. You should market the content you produce to different audiences using other marketing tools. You shouldn't compromise on sustainability. This is essential for content marketing. You should continue to produce content on a regular basis.



SEO… This 3-letter word means a lot. In another article, we discussed in detail the subject of SEO, which consists of the initials of the words Search Engine Optimization. But briefly, we can define this term as your "digital paper trail". The mission of SEO can be defined as the recognition of your website by search engines as a result of the work you do, and consequently, appearing both on the first pages and in the top ranks in organic searches. The work you will perform with the keywords you will determine will attract more organic visitors to your website. To talk about the stages of SEO, in order:

Choosing the website domain name


  • Planning and strategy
  • Application
  • Digital measurement
  • Data evaluation
  • Tracking and repairing algorithm changes

SEO also has SEM which consists of the initials of the words Search Engine Marketing and embodies all of the marketing activities on the internet in return for certain budgets. SEM gives companies opportunities to achieve results within their budgets, at maximum speed. The important point here is to develop the right campaign strategies and plan your advertising expenditures to contribute to SEO.

For example, you can prepare a special campaign for Valentine's Day and present it to the audience according to your budget.  While doing this, remember that you will be in an open bidding-style competition with your competitors for the ad areas and the words you target! Do not forget to get support from an expert in order to use your budget correctly and efficiently.


Social Media

Using your social media accounts is the best way to share your campaigns, services, and message. You can reach an audience loyal to your brand. Social media also allows you to reach audiences related to similar content and products. In this way, you can hit the bull's-eye with much less effort. Don't forget that many potential patients review social media accounts before choosing a clinic or a doctor! 



Forums stand out as another marketing tool. Forum marketing is a difficult tool, but it is also highly effective. Being in this channel brings with strict rules. If you don't follow these rules, you may face a reputation problem. You can ask real patients to talk about you in forums, or you can make deals with them. Before the treatment process, new possible patients love to read the comments written about you in the forums. Contacting real patients on these platforms significantly affects people's decision processes. Who is the better advertiser than a patient of yours?


Email Marketing

Although email marketing is often overlooked, it represents one of the most effective marketing methods. Analyzing your regular customer base, which you have obtained as a result of your previous marketing activities, through CRM; It will be very beneficial for you to present the campaigns they want, whenever they want.

It directly affects sales… It is fixed by experience… and it is not negotiable.

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